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FBI...please don't check my browser history....

Updated: May 3, 2018

There's a moment in every writer's life when they browser history could be used against me if I were convicted of a crime. Clearly...or maybe not so clearly for those that don't KNOW me...I'm not going out to commit crimes. Really I'm a rule follower to the extreme.

Fun things I've needed to Google as my writing has progressed -

- How deep a grave should be?

- How long would it take two men to dig said grave?

- How many rounds is held in a specific clip?

- What is the average accuracy rate for a civilian shooter?

- How does the brain, brain stem and spine work together?

- Can this medication be found over counter or only with a prescription?

- What type of morphine do pharmacies carry?

The internet has changed the world of writing. Before the instant information age, writers would have to scour newspapers, encyclopedias, dictionaries and actually spend time in real libraries! Now we have access to libraries from all corners of the world, articles written by every walk of life, information overload. However, I have to admit, there is a comfort in knowing at 1 AM when I am stumped on how a lab would conduct decontamination at it's entrance, I can pull up Google and start searching for the words I need.

In addition to the positives, there are negatives as well. Instant information means information isn't always accurate. And to create the best story possible, I sort through a number of sources looking for common themes before deciding on what is accurate. It's not always the Wikipedia answer! The great thing about writing fiction though, I create my world as I want. So sometimes when I choose a detail, I may know it's not realistically possible in the "real world". But that detail is perfect for my story.

So as I use the "Googles" for all things...I will keep my nose clean, don't actually kill anyone. That way the FBI will never have to wonder about my quite random search history. Really I'm just a writer...not a serial killer....

always prepared - Courtney

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Crystal Nozzarella
Crystal Nozzarella
23 thg 11, 2022

Ha! This is too funny and something I never even thought of!

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