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Why am I mentioning this? Writing The Sundown Series has given me perspective over how to create a viable living situation should the world fall into apocalypse....and I've decided I might just fail...

I have only lived in a place where green things grow for about 4 years. The first year I decided YES, I'm going to learn to grow things!!! I did that first year without must research and basically only made basil grow. Pretty sure basil is that one thing that grows pretty much no matter what. I didn't want to give up though. So once we moved into a bigger house and I made my husband build me a garden box...I wanted to tackle more. So far I haven't been overly successful. But I'm going to keep at it!

The time of year for PREPARED and SURVIVE is early spring. In a place like Montana that could mean still waiting for the last frost, or could be planting time. A way the Duncan family will overcome that type of obstacle is the greenhouse their father built before he died. With the right lamps, water source and space, gardening could be a year around benefit!

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