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What I'm Reading...After it Happened:Publisher's Pack Books 1&2

My newest read comes from author Devon C. Ford. As most of my time to read is, this was an Audible book, that I listened to while driving. This set falls right into my normal genre of Post-Apocalyptic fiction. I found Ford's work as we have the same audio publisher and I was curious how his work was. I should note that I purchased the omnibus edition that contained Book 1 titled Survival and Book 2 called Humanity. With the two books the listen was about twelve and a half hours.

Ford is from the UK and the narrator R.C. Bray does a fantastic job with accents in the reading. So for those of you that enjoy audiobooks, I could listen to Bray all day long. Some of the verbiage is different, being I'm in the US, but easy enough to figure out.

This story is based around an apocalypse that comes about by an illness that wipes out the majority of the population. You are following the main character Dan, who has lost his family to the illness. He is quite capable of survival and during the story it is insinuated that he worked in some sort of military job prior to the illness. Though the books are light on details sometimes, where you never actually know what Dan did for work. But he takes on the assignment of protector for the group he creates.

The majority of these stories is about collecting survivors, collecting supplies and creating a safe place to live. Without any sort of resistance until later in the stories, you are just reading about Dan and his survival processes. For me this got redundant at times.

Later in the books, there is finally an opposing force in the form of other survivors that have created their own safe holds and believe they are controlling things. Multiple groups are thrown into the story at the same time. I think because I was listening to the story instead of reading, this was confusing to me. I would think in the ebook or print book the separation of the groups would be more clear. 

The end of the omnibus, which was the end of book 2, left with a large cliffhanger. It was just as Dan's group of survivors are going to be targeted by another group. I was left with the feeling that Dan or his group will not survive. Though the majority of the omnibus didn't grip me, I will probably continue listening to the series....because I can't handle unanswered questions!

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