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The Duncan Family is prepared for the end of the world. However, now that the end is actually here the siblings find that hiding behind their compound walls isn't going to be as easy as they planned. Sundown isn't just a word for them, its their survival.


She thought she was prepared for the end of the world… until it actually came.

Alex Duncan is a mother, a sister— and the daughter of a doomsday prepper. She always thought her father was insane, raving about an apocalypse she never believed in, but when a plague hits the United States and the dead no longer stay dead, Alex discovers heeding her deceased father’s advice is what will keep her family alive. Before he died, Alex’s father created a compound in Montana just in case situations like this arose. 

Hell has arrived on earth.

The dead walk, hungry for human flesh. Living in a highly populated city like Las Vegas makes the reality of the plague imminent to Alex. With little time to spare, Alex must make split-second decisions to prevent her family from being devoured. Facing the end, Alex has three goals.

Escape Las Vegas. Get to the compound. Survive.

As the outside world crumbles and grows darker, Alex faces adversity from not just the infected, but the uninfected as well. Government assistance is nowhere in sight, and rumors fly that the nation’s only solution to the growing plague is execution. 
Not everyone will outlast the plague. Doomsday is here. Will Alex be up to the challenge, or fall, and rise again as one of the undead? 


The world has fallen into apocalypse.

Flesh-eating zombies run rampant.

And the kids are on their own. 

Easton and Candace Reynolds have been separated from their makeshift family. They have no food, no transportation— and have become targets for more than just zombies. A dangerous group of survivors are hunting the siblings, and they’re looking to kill them before the elements or starvation does. 

To survive, Easton and Candace have to make some tough decisions. Is sacrificing their humanity worth their lives? Can they outlast the zombies and predators? Or is there truly no escape for the Reynolds kids? 

Will they be forced to live out the end-of-the-world, ALONE?

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For Max Duncan, the word Sundown means one thing… RUN.

Corpses infected with a mysterious, incurable virus are roaming free throughout the United States, feasting upon the living. The Duncan family compound in Montana is Max’s only hope for survival— but to get there, she has to flee from South Carolina and survive crossing several states with her daughter Jack in tow. 

Max has a choice to make. Does she risk her own life, and her daughter’s, to find the man she’s always loved? 

Griffin Wells was Max’s high school sweetheart, and he has no idea that Jack is his child. Max still has feelings for him, and the apocalypse has suddenly brought those emotions to the surface, strong as they ever were. 

But zombies are the least of their worries. The government knows more about the infected than it’s willing to expose, and the military has plans for Max’s family you’ll never see coming…

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Rafe Duncan has been working his family’s compound for years in the event of a global catastrophe-- and doomsday has finally arrived.

Both he and Charlie Brewer work at a facility where secret government experiments are carried out, experiments that are classified even to them. Then the plague breaks loose, and hell arrives on earth.

Rafe and Charlie must band together to stay alive in a world where flesh-eating zombies hunt humankind. But the plague victims aren’t the worst Rafe and Charlie have to worry about. Government radicals are devoted to silencing the last witness to the cause of the plague by killing everyone who worked in that facility-- including Rafe and Charlie.

Rafe must do everything he can to keep Charlie hidden. But the chances of them surviving in the wild alone are slim… especially while being tracked down by American mercenaries.

Only the strong will remain. To outlast the plague, they must stay ALIVE.

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It’s been months since the zombie outbreak took over America, and Alex Duncan is slipping.

She’s the leader her father always prepared her to become, but now life is about more than survival… she’s the only one who can lead her family into a new future, and the pressure is on to make a new beginning.

Alex is barely keeping her head above water when she’s taken by a local gang. The worst of society has come together to create a horrifying place of carnage during the apocalypse, and Alex has been dragged right in the middle of it.

The Duncan family must unite to save Alex. They won’t stop until Alex is rescued… or until all of them are dead.
Afterward, the Duncan family will never be the same.




Nightmares plague Max Duncan...and not just the undead type.

No one ever confused Max with being an emotionally stable individual. Now her mind is consumed with the need for revenge. Her body is healed from the the torture she received at the order of the remaining government. However, her mind can’t let it go.

When an accident causes Max to reevaluate the road she’s trying to go down, she is reminded of what’s important. As the world continues to crumble around the Duncan family and the dead continue to feast on the living, Max has to figure out how to put aside her need for vengeance.

In a world where every day is a threat to her life, Max must learn to work together with her family to keep them all alive. She won’t stop until they can stop looking over their shoulders and feel safe once again.



Montana calls to him and all he wants is to take his family home.

Rafe Duncan isn't the oldest of his siblings, but he felt the pressure of responsibility just the same. He dedicated his life to keeping their family compound running and his goal was to get them back there, alive.

At the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, Rafe couldn’t have foreseen what was to come. As he watched society break down, bringing his family together was his first goal. Now after all they had lost, he wanted safety for them all.

‘The Suit’ stood between the Duncans and freedom. The self appointed government leader had taken much from them in the beginning months of the apocalypse and he continued to be looming danger over their heads.

As the Duncans try to make plans to get home, ‘The Suit’ creates chaos by kidnapping one of their own. Rafe will stop at nothing to get back what has been taken from him and is determined to end the threat to his family.

Rafe knows, not everyone will survive the apocalypse

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