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Originally from Northern California, my journey has taken me from the dazzling lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, to the more serene pace of life in Oregon. Amidst the slower rhythm, I've discovered a passion for writing that transports me into different worlds.

Beyond the written word, I find joy in the simplicity of hiking, indulging in a good book, exploring new destinations (with a particular fondness for cruises), and cherishing quality moments with my family.

While it may sound cliché to admit I harbored dreams of becoming a writer since childhood, the twist lies in my current fascination with apocalyptic scenarios and the unraveling of societal norms. When I embarked on the journey of crafting a full-length novel, my initial attempt delved into the realm of romance, but it didn't quite capture my creative essence. It wasn't until the birth of the Duncan Family that I discovered characters and narratives I could truly immerse myself in.

Developing a profound emotional connection with my characters has become both a strength and a challenge; it's hard to let anyone face demise. Yet, the paradox arises when crafting tales involving zombies – how can one depict the apocalypse without confronting the inevitability of loss?

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