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Rafe Duncan has been working his family’s compound for years in the event of a global catastrophe-- and doomsday has finally arrived.

Both he and Charlie Brewer work at a facility where secret government experiments are carried out, experiments that are classified even to them. Then the plague breaks loose, and hell arrives on earth.

Rafe and Charlie must band together to stay alive in a world where flesh-eating zombies hunt humankind. But the plague victims aren’t the worst Rafe and Charlie have to worry about. Government radicals are devoted to silencing the last witness to the cause of the plague by killing everyone who worked in that facility-- including Rafe and Charlie. 

Rafe must do everything he can to keep Charlie hidden. But the chances of them surviving in the wild alone are slim… especially while being tracked down by American mercenaries. 

Only the strong will remain. To outlast the plague, they must stay ALIVE.

A post-apocalyptic thriller of epic proportions, ALIVE is a sci-fi doomsday novel that will have readers on the edge of their seats. Fight alongside Rafe and Charlie as they struggle to survive in a landscape that takes no prisoners.

Sundown Series Reviews

Read it in one night-I could not put it down. There are a lot of zombie books out there, but I'd rank this in the top 3 or 4. Really good, well paced, part one of a series-I cannot wait for the next one!

Goodreads Review


This is a heart pounding book. I especially liked all the prepping info. I couldn't put it down. I am looking forward to the second book.

Goodreads Review

Courtney Konstantin - Author 

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